Jewelry for your cabinets


Jewelry for your cabinets

Decorative Hardware ties everything together and adds a spark of interest and color to your space.  Decorative hardware is also important as it helps protect your cabinets finish as it keeps you from touching your cabinet doors.  The oils on your hands, water, and food residue all can cause damage to your cabinet finish over time and decorative hardware helps prevent this.

Expect to pay $6 and up for knobs and pulls. Personal preference plays a big role in selecting cabinet hardware, with style being more important than color. It is ok to mix it up and have a mixture of finishes, a good suggestion is to have similar metals in the same visual plane.

Varying size and shape can add interest as long as they relate and are proportional. The best advice is to stick with a theme. Consider the cabinet style, square design or curves, and choose a look that fits your lines. Also consider appliances and how selections will compliment them.  You don't need to match to your faucet, as long as the finish complements other finishes in the design.

Some other questions to ask when selecting hardware:

Knob or pull? The is not a rule for what type of hardware needs to be used where.  Consider the function, for example pulls are best for large drawers that are heavy as they make it easier to open the drawer, pulls are also great for the bathroom or spaces where robes or loose clothing could catch.

How will it be mounted? Slab drawers provide a larger area for mounting than a 5 piece or raised panel drawer.

How do they feel?  Is the back smooth, are they a comfortable size for everyone using the space? It is also advisable to visit a showroom and try the hardware to get a feel of the hardware.

Top Knobs offers an interactive style selector to help pare down the choices:

For more reading on choosing cabinet hardware visit: