Preparing for your initial design consultation

Sometimes the first step is the hardest when starting a remodeling project.  You are faced with so may options and choices it can be daunting to get started.   A designer will help guide you through this process but, there is some homework you should do beforehand to help get your project started on the right foot.

  • Bring along pictures of spaces you like from magazines, Pinterest, etc. These will help us get a better idea of your style.  Sometimes we will pick up on little details that are common in a group of pictures that we can incorporate into your design.
  • If your initial meeting is in the showroom, consider bringing along a few pictures of the current space as well as dimensions or floor plans if available.
  • Think about what works or does not work in your current space.
  • Have a general idea of your storage needs. Sometimes it is helpful to jot down a list of problem items, large bulky items, etc.
  • Create a wish list of features you would like to see in your space.
  • Let us know about your cooking style, do you like to entertain, are there children in your family, etc. The more we know about how you would like to use the space the better we can plan.
  • Money is never easy to talk about but is an important part of a remodel. If you have a budget in mind it can help us recommend the right products to maximize the value of your project.  We have a wide range of products at various price points and help give pointers on getting what you want within your desired price range.

The more information you can give us about your wants and needs for your space the better we can plan and offer suggestions for the best design.