When we meet with clients, the number one complaint we hear about their existing space is that they need more storage.

Ceiling storage by Knape & Vogel

Even if you can’t add cabinets to your space, sometimes a switch to a different type of cabinet setup can maximize function and storage capacity.


Pull-out pantry from Rev-a-shelf

The first step to creating a space with efficient storage is to take inventory of what you need to store or what you want to be able to store in your space.  Do you have a lot of cookie sheets and cutting boards, spices, bulky small appliances, etc., make a list of what you have and prioritize your needs?  Think about how you use or would like to use the space, are you a baker, do you entertain frequently, etc. We can then take this information and suggest options to get the most out of your space. 

Peg System for Drawers by Rev-a-Shelf

Storages options are always evolving.  In recent years we have seen a shift to using more drawers in base cabinets rather than shelves or roll out trays.  In many cases, drawers offer deeper sides then rollout trays, allowing for increased storage and organization.  Drawer inserts are available for a wide array of uses from cutlery organization to spice storage.  Large deep drawers are great for pots and pans, bowls, dishes, etc.  A peg system inset allows breakable items such as plates to be stored in a drawer without shifting around when the drawer is opened and closed.

Charging drawer by Rev-a-Shelf

The latest trend in drawers is to convert a small drawer into a charging station to keep phones,

tablets, and other devices off the countertop.


Pull-out waste bin by Richelieu

Other popular storage solutions include waste and recycle pull outs, tray base organizers for cookie sheets and cutting boards, pull outs for spices in the kitchen or hair tools in the bathroom, and more. 

Our cabinet lines offer many of these items and more as standard offerings.  We also love to browse catalogs from Rev-a-shelf, Knape & Vogt, and Richelieu to find even more options that can be added to your cabinets.  Visit our showroom to browse through these catalogs and look at the options we have on display.